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Fat Transfer for my Eyes Made Me 10 Years Younger

I had under my eyes puffiness and i looked always...

I had under my eyes puffiness and i looked always tiered and old. i did it because i knew that this surgury helps me to look much better for many years. and i am more self confidence.

San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon

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I was thinking about getting Fat Transer under my eyes. The plastic surgeon I visited told me one of the risks is going Blind. I never heard this before.
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Photos again? same dr's review again?!!!
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Yeah... I've noticed this too. And LOADS of positive reviews on one particular review site for this doctor too. Ok, the results I've seen of his are good... but? I don't know whether all these are genuine. Doc could've asked patients to review him online however.
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Thank YOU for ... just saying! I'm pretty new to a couple surgery sites, and DID NOT use this doc (in Tucson,AZ) but had extensive fat fill (and full face ablative lasering)... Love my Plastic Surgeon, 1 month out kept 50% of the fat... BUT, be very careful is good advice when there are no photo's to go along (mine are posted under Laser Resurfacing I believe) so you can SEE before and after ;-) Thanks for keeping this community AWARE.
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Just wanted to say BEWARE to anyone reading reviews from this doctor. I've been on Realself for quite some time, and I've suddenly/recently noticed a bunch of really glowing reviews from this doctor (all within a relatively short span of time), and of course none of them have pictures. Just sayin'!
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I've heard some bad reviews, you just have to filter the good!
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