I Got into my Sexy Jeans! - San Diego

I got Coolsculpting because I was sick and tired...

I got Coolsculpting because I was sick and tired of my post-baby pooch on my lower abdomen. I lost pretty much all the weight except right there and it looked horrible in jeans but it wasn't worth having a full-on surgery. So, I was estatic to find out about Coolsculpting. I'm glad I did it, 'cause it reduced my pooch and I was able to fit into my old sexy jeans. I felt sooo much better about myself. I'm thinking about doing it again because it was so easy and it didn't really hurt at all-I was just scared. So, I'm thinking about doing it on my love handles and inner thighs next!

Thanks so much for sharing your experience! Sounds like a great result. Do you have any pics you can share?

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