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Wrinkle Problems After 50% TCA Peel

I did the peel after the Doctor recommended that...

I did the peel after the Doctor recommended that it would help with sun, brown spots and fine wrinkling. Now I have more wrinkles! and uneven texture!

Back in late September I had a 50% TCA peel done by a dermatologist. There were complications, slow healing, nerve damage, scarring etc. For the most part all has been resolved/being resolved except I now have wrinkles on my chin where I had none prior to the peel. Seriously, I am 34 and my chin looks like a 70 y/o smokers. It is horrible and I am embarrassed and disgusted. Is there anything that can be done?


Asb4me. I hope you are doing better now. Who was your bad doctor? Thanks
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This is exactly what I am concerned about as well. I have fine lines around my lips and mouth and I attribute this to the years I was on Retin-A and it all came forward and my chin would peel like crazy while the rest of my face peeled mildly. Now I am considering a peel for the area around my mouth, but I certainly don't want it to get anyworse. I'm not sure how long ago your post was, but has the situation improved any since? And have you spoken with anyone who has had a the obaji blue peel?
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Please help. Has this improved for you. I'm devastated and have the same issue. I never had wrinkles before and now I do all around my mouth. People say they can't see but I can for sure. I've been so depressed please help.
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I don't think the doctor took my medical history seriously, therefore causing problems with healing and now a whole host of other problems.

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