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So it was really expensive! But I was 28 and I am...

So it was really expensive! But I was 28 and I am not aging well. I was starting to get those jowls. I found a deal for $2,200 and I tried it. It was def painful but totally tolerable. The meds they gave me made me forget almost all of it. I was a little sore for a week, like a sore muscle. For several months I saw so much improvement. A couple of my friends even noticed. It lasted about a year before I started seeing the beginning stages of my Jowls again. I also gained some weight which prob helped the procedure not last as long. While it was working I absolutely LOVE it! It was pretty pricey and it gave me minor results because I didn't need anything dramatic. I didn't think to take before and after photo's though. Most people charge $3k and I found the Venus Freeze for $800 so I'm currently trying that because it supposedly works better. We'll see which one was better later. But Ultherapy def gave me good subtle results with little downtime (just rested the rest of the day of the procedure then I was good to go).
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The lady that did it was really nice. That's about all I remember.

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Thank you for sharing with us.   I definitely want to hear more about the Venus Freeze.  Please let me know how that goes.
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I had Venus Freeze on face and neck, six treatments, and saw no difference. I am in my 60s so I don't know if it's just that it doesn't work for more mature women. I would not recommend itl
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Well you sure gave it a good try!
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