Starting the VI Peel Treatment -San Diego, CA

So, I'm going to have my first VI peel on Thursday...

So, I'm going to have my first VI peel on Thursday. I'm pretty excited. I'm filipina, French, Spanish and American Indian. I just had the IPL photofacial on The 3rd and even though I wasn't expecting a major change or even any at all, I've seem a difference. I'm also using 4% hydroquinone pads every night. I have read alot of the posts and looked at many pics, I'm expecting major peeling on the 4th and possibly 5th day? I travel on Tuesday for work so I'm hoping I won't be peeling then. Can anyone give me any advice/knowledge on this? Thank you in advance!


Sdtams, I'd love to hear an update to how the results of your peel turned out and have you cast your vote for if it was Worth It or Not Worth It. :)

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Where is San Diego did you get it done? I'm looking to do this peel. I live in the San Diego area. Thanks!

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@Vrocio - @complexionsRX in Bankers Hill. It's on 5th Avenue. Great staff and Christy (my RN I go to) is professional, thorough and just the sweetest gal. I highly reccomend!
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