Super Nervous Especially Since I Am Driving 5 Hours to Doctor - San Diego, CA

I scheduled my surgery on Friday. I am starting to...

I scheduled my surgery on Friday. I am starting to get really nervous. Where I am having my surgery from where I live is 5 hours. I am traveling so far because I will save about 3,000. I hope it's worth the big hassle and I have no problems. I am really excited to have the surgery but nervous about being so far away. I just have to go in for the surgery and the day after. I guess I will have to take off the cast at home. I'm not sure. Feeling nervous and anxious. I really hope the doctor does enough work to my nose to make it worth my money.
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Good you mind me asking which surgeon you are going to?
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I wish you all the best with your surgery! But please make sure you chose this doctor based on more than just price! Plastic surgery is definitely not the time to be looking for a bargain. Especially for a procedure as complicated as rhinoplasty. Good luck and happy healing and let us know how it goes!
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If you trust your surgeon that he'll do a good job, no need to stress out before surgery just because you have to drive 5 hrs. Make sure you discuss all important issues before surgery like cast removal. All the best. Pls update us.
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Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf. It's normal to be nervous at this stage. Are you going to Tijuana? Make sure your doctor has done many, many rhinoplasties and that the surgical facilities are very up to date and clean. Do you know others who've been to this doctor?

Please keep us posted throughout this journey. I'll be thinking of you on Friday.

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