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I've Been Using It on and off for over 20 Years - San Diego, CA

I started using Retin-A as a teen for my acne....

I started using Retin-A as a teen for my acne. Since then, I've used it on occasion whenever I've had bouts of acne from stress. I'm using it again for adult acne.

PROS: manages my acne
keeps my skin looking young

CONS: irritating
causes redness, peeling and flaking.

Pro tip: I use Retin-A with copper peptides from skinbio. The copper peptide oil-free serum goes on first. Depending on time of year, I dilute my .05% with either aloe vera gel (if my skin is oily) or fragrance and color-free moisturizer (if it's dry). I aslo use it on my nech and back of hands. I buy my Retin-A from a pharmacy overseas- so much cheaper.

Also, remember to wear sunscreen!

Would you mind telling me what pharmacy overseas you order from?  Its so expensive here in the states.  They may not like you posting the site here, but you could PM me.  Would really appreciate it.

Thanks for filling us in on how Retin-A has worked for you. You mentioned you will use it when you have a bout of acne. When you do that, do you spot treat with it or use it on your entire face?

Entire face. I don't like to use it all the time because I think my skin likes getting breaks from any kind of acids several months out of the year. I probably use it every other day for about 6-8 months out of the year.
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