Mommy Makeover: Full TT and Replace Breast Implants - San Diego, CA

I had twins about 5 months ago and they ruined my...

I had twins about 5 months ago and they ruined my tummy. my body was unacceptable to me and i wanted to fix it asap. I had my mommy makeover on 1/17/12. I am 9 days post-op. i have only seen my tummy tuck results once, i thought i would cry, because it would not meet my expectations, but i was wrong. i am thrilled with the results even in this early, "ugly stage" of healing. it is a painful procedure, but i think the pain pump was a tremendous help.

Not even a week later i was feeling better, more alert and comfortable. i had my implants replaced as well and they are looking fabulous! everyday i look at them and see them settling in more and the swelling and slight bruising going away. i felt no pain from my breast implant revision/replacement. i think because my skin was already stretched. i went from a 450cc silicone high profile implant to a 555cc in one breast and a 595cc in the other. (had some unevenness after breastfeeding). i choose to have a more natural shaped implant with fullness and width at the bottom and sides. the doctor dissected my pocket to give me the look i requested and put in a moderate classic profile silicone implant.

At this stage i am starting to get around a little more, but in some pain if i do not take a pain med for over 6 hours. i flew across the country to have my surgery, so i mostly just sleep and relax for my time out here. i have my second follow up tomorrow when i hope the drains will be removed. i am still walking hunched over to protect the insicion, i dont want to do anything that will ruin my results. i will be updating my progress as i go!


Can't wait to see pics!! Congrats!
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Your implants do look remarkably natural. A nice size, too. Thanks so much for sharing your story with us here on RealSelf. Yay for successes!

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I agree with Slimsoon. I am glad that you are happy with your results this early. If it looks good this early out it will look fabulous when everything is said and done. Happy and healthy healing!
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