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I went into Dr. Chen for my annual mole check. He...

I went into Dr. Chen for my annual mole check. He found one that was questionable and wanted to remove it. I am absolutely terrified of needles or anything that has to do with them so I wasn't too happy about the removal, BUT, he was amazing. He was extremely quick about the whole thing, I barely had time to freak out about it. It has been about a week since the removal and I only have a tiny scar which is awesome because I have had way worse from previous doctors.


That is great that you didn't really have time to think about it. Isn't it amazing how worked up we can get ourselves, even if it is something we have had done before and know we will be ok?! I'm so glad it all went well for you!!

Do you know when you will get your biopsy back?

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I chose Dr. Chen because he was on this site, close to my house and had a good review for mole removals. He was quick with the appointment but I didn't feel like he was rushing me and he stayed calm during the mole removal while I was freaking out.

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