Lipo Upper and Lower Abdomen, Flanks and Lateral Back - San Diego, CA

I am 4 weeks post from my slim lipo. and so far...

I am 4 weeks post from my slim lipo. and so far feeling good, besides the tight feeling in my back , everything is pretty good i had my procedure done on April 17th 2012, Im so happy i got this procedure done because now i look awesome i was told by a few PS i went to for a consult that i needed a TT but my PS that i chose told me if i wasn't concerned about the stretch marks then he can get my skin to tighten up and it sure did, i have 3 beautiful children 12,5,3 , so i delt with my stretch marks for that long. i didn't care if i kept them i just wanted my fat belly gone and now it is gone, and i must say im so happy i cant wait until my final results.


Hi there, thanks so much for sharing your experience with us. I'm glad everything went well for you and you're feeling good. Please keep us updated as your results progress!

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