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Worst experience of my life with little results. 7...

Worst experience of my life with little results. 7 months later i still experience some pain and swelling. i would NEVER recommend this to anyone. little post op care. i finally saw a dr 3months after surgery after 3 appts of complaining about the pain and swelling. sstiches behind my left ear are still swollen and itch. should have done my homework. LSL has a history of problems.

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For anyone considering this surgery, you might want to see this forum listed here on realself: Very informative, honest and eyeopening. And remember, no JACHO, no one oversees these people (independent LSL offices) because they really do not have "surgical suites". I don't know how they get away with it, but they do. Be proactive and do your research. It is not enough to look up the doctors credentials. You have to research this particular lift/surgery. Best, Chrystal.
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While I find the information provided informative what I don't understand is that the name of your Dr is not provided so how could one avoid him and no pictures either. It would be so much more helpful to the community of both were provided. I had LSL 3 months ago and while I am not totally happy or unhappy, I am seeing changes I don't like and my surgeon is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon, I have posted regular updates and pictures so anyone can see and either agree or disagree and judge for themselves whether to do this and/or chose my surgeon. I am hopeful you can take my request into consideration and provide more information. Thank you and have a great day.
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it has been a year and i am still experiencing some discomfort and daily swelling although it is minimal. i don't have any pictures because this experience was so traumatizing that it took months to get over it.mostly the procedure. for months, i was in a state of shock and dismay so pictures were the last thing on my mind and since the procedure had already been done there seemed no point in it. through this experience i have earned that people are going to do what they have decided to do and even the most sincere rational advice will not stop them. posting pictures for others to judge will most likely lead to "well, i'll be different." i much prefer to talk to people face to face and tell them of my experience which i have been doing. if you are not happy do what i did, get a consultation from another plastic surgeon and see what his opinion is regarding the quality of the surgery. my results are minimal but at least i am not disfigured as others are, so i am taking this as a learning experience. i'm sure your thoroughness and informative information have helped a lot of women so keep up your great work and good luck to you. it sounds like your experience was far more positive than mine.
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Hi another lifestyle casualty...thank you for your reply. I appreciate all you information and helpful insight and I agree with all. I think what we do here is important and we do it the best way possible. You're probably right people will do it no matter what because they are excited at that moment. When I think back it was all very husband told me how much I could spend and their bid exceeded it so I walked out and called my husband to tell him I would wait until we could afford it. The great man that he is he then said babe go ahead its for your 50's Bday. I then went back and the door had already closed as it was the end of the day...I stood there for a few minutes thinking maybe I can get it and even called LSL because I didn't think they had left the building yet. Then one of the girls walked out and let me I am thinking if I had only read the sign and walked away maybe I would have looked up some other surgeon and gotten a different surgery for the money I spent. No on another note my husband told me tonight that he thought I looked so much better than before the surgery. And yes I do have improvements but I also see the things that don't look may have seen my are welcome to comment there as well and let me know your thoughts. Again thank you and all the best...
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My worst nightmare too !
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I am so sorry that you have had such problems with your LSL. There are many others like you (myself included) that try to warn other women about this "surgery". There is no quick and easy or FAST way to do facial surgery. I hope that any person reading this will take the time to always get a 2nd opinion from an independent board certified facial plastic surgeon before proceeding with a LSL. I wish you the best and do hope you find a way to get past your terrible ordeal with LSL. In the words of one of LSL's own plastic surgeons "Buyer Beware".  Best, Chrystal Eckes.
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