Update week 7 :)))))))

I have used Latisse for about 4 weeks now and I...

I have used Latisse for about 4 weeks now and I already see first results. Since I am somewhat early in my course of treatment I am thrilled to see the end result. I got rid of all the brushes right away because they are bulky and more product stayed in the bristles then ended up on the base of the lashes. Instead I use an eyeliner brush and rinse it thoroughly after each use. It also makes a drop go a long way :).
I saw the amazing lashes of a friend of mine and commented on them. She volunteered her 'secret' right away - Thanks, Buddy :)

P.S. I like your user-name. It's perfect for this community! :)


It must be exciting to see the new pretty lashes! How is the color of the lashes? I know that sounds like a weird question, but I'm mainly wondering if they seem darker than your regular lashes, so perhaps you can skip the mascara??


Hi Latisse-sisters, it's week 7 and I am moved to...

Hi Latisse-sisters, it's week 7 and I am moved to give you an update. I am so thrilled! The results become more and more obvious now, even without wishful thinking! My lashes are without any doubt visibly longer. Today, they touched the inside of my sunglasses:). This evening I was getting ready to go out and for the first time since the beginning of Latisse I used mascara on my happy lashes: I could not believe it, they almost came at me;).
This is such an ego booster! And given that in week 7 I am still on my first bottle it's not as expensive as it seems to be. I plan on using it every other day after 16 weeks for 'maintenance' (my husband just got a great idea for a christmas present:)
Summary from 'Flutterflutter': Totally worth it!
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