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Latisse is Amazing. - San Diego, CA

This may be a premature post because I have only...

This may be a premature post because I have only been using this for 2 weeks. I always had decent eyelashes, but with age....ugh, less of them and thinner. Eyelash extensions were costly and time consuming. Who has time to get these done every month?

I noticed results after just 2 days. My eyelashes are MUCH longer and thicker in 2 weeks. With mascara, it is really makes my eyes pop. Honestly, I can't believe how fast this is working. I can't wait to see how long and thick they are at 16 weeks.

I have brown eyes, so no problem so far in eye color change. While I spend much time removing unwanted hair everywhere else---now I am growing more hair on eyelids! Such irony. It may have worked well for me because I do have the tendency to grow hair. Ick.

I live in San Diego and hear that if you get Lumiga (generic equivalent) in Mexico it is about $45.


I saw results very quickly too, and they only got better with time. I might be near the maximum now, but I'm satisfied for sure!
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Update: I apply Latisse around 6 PM every night. Sometimes during the evening, prior to bedtime I rub my eyes because it irritates a little. Tonight, I noticed I have hair growing above my eyes and on my cheeks! OH NO. This stuff is Potent! I must have been spreading it around. I am hoping that since now I will be very careful and not rub my eyes, the unwanted hair will stop growing!
Oh, no...lol. I often sleep on my stomach...face buried in pillow. I haven't noticed anything...yet. Ha!

At 2 Months Now

OMG. This stuff is amazing. I am now addicted to Latisse. Co-worker commented on how great my lashes look (with mascara). The 5 ML bottle lasted 2 months. Switched to the eyeliner brush as recommended by others. My lashes are really long, thick, and dark. Started using it on my eyebrows a week ago. Tomorrow, I will start using the Lumigan.

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3 Months and a little concerned

Two weeks ago, I noticed a dark circle under my right eye. Its prominent. Some darkening on the left eye, but less visible. It seems to come and go, and look worse on some days and better on other days. After some internet research, it appears this has happened to others. I cannot think of anything else that has changed except my use of Latisse. I plan to stop using it today and see if the dark circles go away.

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