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Latisse did exactly what it claimed it would do....

Latisse did exactly what it claimed it would do. Lashes grew thicker & darker and filled in completely where they were missing within 2 weeks. Amazing! Perfect for an active person who wants great eyelashes without the fuss.

My own hair and lashes are very blond. My new lashes are dark.

San Diego Ophthalmologist

Latisse when used properly delivered exactly as intended.

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After many weeks of using Latisse from India, the web pharmacy stopped selling it. Instead, I switched to but I am starting to suspect that the Latisse/Lumigan they are selling is not really Lumigan. Has anyone used that pharmacy to buy Latisse, and have you an opinion?
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Farzad, I'm sorry but do you mean your lashes grew dark in two weeks - or did you mean to put two months? Two weeks isn't very long, is it? Great that your blonde lashes are now dark...
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From what I have now researched about the growing cycle of a hair, two weeks is an awfully short time. Hair follicles take considerably longer to change. I talked to a friend who is an electrologist, and she said not to expect follicles to produce a different type of hair for at least two months. Thus, I am no longer impatient, and I tend to question those who say they see big results in two weeks.
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