Lasik Vs. PRK - San Diego, CA

I've been wearing glasses/contacts for the last 22...

I've been wearing glasses/contacts for the last 22 years and have longed for perfect (or near perfect) sight for as long as I can remember. I've put off laser eye surgery as I wanted to finish graduate school first, needed my eyesight to stabilize and hoping technology and experience to be well established by the time I did this. The time is near... I've gone to 3 consultations. Two of them recommended lasik while the other recommended PRK. I feel I am in a bit of a conundrum as the one who recommended the PRK has performed thousands of procedures including one of my friends, while the other lasik doctor I'm considering does not have as many years of experience yet has raving online reviews. In addition, the PRK procedure is said to have a longer healing process while I could go back to work the next day with lasik.

The two doctors I'm considering are Dr. Sandy T. Feldman at Clearview or Dr. Tony Pham from San Diego Lasik Institute. Any suggestions as to how I might proceed in determining who is the best surgeon for me and what procedure is best? Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you all :)

How exciting that you are finally at the point where you get to have this done!! I can definitely understand the difficulty in trying to decide who to go to. Did the doctors that recommended PRK offer Lasik, and vice versa? If they do offer both treatments, it would be interesting to hear why they chose one procedure for you over another.

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