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Not Sure if It is Worth It...- San Diego, CA

I'm 17 years old and just about to graduate from...

I'm 17 years old and just about to graduate from high school. I have wanted braces since 8th grade, but we couldn't afford them. I finally got Invisalign and I am kind of happy that we had to wait. I have each set of aligners on for 12 days then I switch. I got my first set May 8, 2012. I ho put two of the attachments on three times because it woulave 43 sets total and a treatment pan that will take two years. I just got my 3rd set yesterday along with these lovely things called attachments. (sense the sarcasm!) Anyways, I have to have two on one of my front teeth and she isn't putting them on until after the graduation ceremony but I have them all over my mouth and I hate them so much. My teeth are ridiculously rough and my lips get caught on the attachment. My dentist had tdn't stay on, I don't know why. It wasn't painful...just uncomfortable with two sets of hands in my mouth and all.

The first two sets were fantastic, no one could see them and I had only a minor lisp. They were a little painful at first and I freaked out the first day because I couldn't get them off. But now I hate it because I think people are going to notice the outline of the attachments. I am very insecure about my teeth because they are really crooked and awkward. I just wish the attachments weren't so noticeable. I also wish by dentist had told me about attachments because I honestly had no clue. Hopefully they aren't that noticeable, but they are. To me any ways.

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I'm going in on July 12th to pick up my first set of aligners. I also will have to have 2 attachments on my front right tooth as well as others all over my mouth. I'll admit I am not looking forward to having them on my front tooth, either!

However, my orthodontist did show me my clincheck and before he approved it he told me he could send it back and tell them I don't want the attachments on my front tooth. He said that without the attachments the tooth may not move the way it's supposed to, though. To me, with as much money as I am paying, I want my teeth as straight as possible at the end of all of this, so I decided to sacrifice a little bit of vanity for the (approximately) 11 months my treatment will take. I also figure it's still going to look A LOT better than metal braces. :)
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I know exactly how you feel. I got my aligners on April 10th over spring break and if I stay on schedule I should be getting them off in February of 2013. My teeth were never bad and I just had a few things I wanted to fix but I feel like the attachments are worse than my actual teeth were. Other people notice them too and it makes me really self-conscious when they point it out or ask, "You have braces?". It usually leads to me trying to keep my mouth shut as much as possible.
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Sorry to hear you had to go through the panic of not being able to get the trays out the first day. Hopefully now you have read some of the other reviews that mention that & you realize you are certainly not alone with that little freakout.

Its great that your dentist was willing to hold off on putting the front attachments on until after your graduation - congratulations on that by the way!! You have to be pretty excited about that!! :)

Glad you posted pictures. I'm looking forward to watching your teeth straighten as you switch your trays, so keep us updated on how things are going for you!

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