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Just got back from my orthodontist and was really...

Just got back from my orthodontist and was really expecting to get invisalgin; however, he recommended a new aligner out called MTM Clear. Was curious if anyone has heard of this or has tried it? I know it is new, but wanted to get a better idea if it will even work. Doc said I wouldnt need the attachments on my teeth that i would need with invisalign and offered a cheaper price....Hmmm? He quoted me 5500 for invisalign and 2500 for this MTM aligner - Any feedback would be appreciated...
Hi!  As I mentioned before, it depends a lot on the beginning state of your teeth.  Can you post a picture of your smile, or at least tell us what kinds of issues you have?

Also, if you end up going with MTM, I'll move your review out of this community to Clear Braces, because it would not be properly placed here.
I have some lower crowding and a small rotation on my upper lateral...I'll try to post a pic later. I'm still debating between the two.
You may want to get clarification from your doctor specifically about the rotation.  Those are traditionally the most difficult things for any kind of aligner-type braces to handle.  With Invisalign we know they have attachments to help deal with such things.  I don't know if MTM does that.

Good luck, and I look forward to hearing the verdict!
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Doc is awesome!! Obviously is looking out for me and my checkbook....

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