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I'm scheduled for surgery in 13 days. I have...

I'm scheduled for surgery in 13 days. I have dreamed of this day for most of my adult life. I honestly can't believe its right around the corner. I am scared and really really nervous, but looking forward to a "New Life". I look forward to being able to walk without feeling like my heart is going to burst out of my chest. I look forward to being able to join in activities (sports, hiking, biking) with my family. I look forward to sleeping without the CPap. I look forward to going to an amusement part and actually being able to ride the rides. I look forward to fitting in a booth table. But most of all I look forward to a HEALTHY life .


Good luck on your surgery!.. It's been the best choice of my life. Your going to love the new you. Btw..beautiful wedding photos. :)
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Wishing you all the best - just be patient and kind with yourself!
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Hi there, welcome!

 Congrats on setting your date, it will be here before you know it! Have you already started on your pre-op diet?
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Dr. Fuller

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