Long Term Chemosis - San Diego, CA

I had upper and lower blepharoplasty two years ago...

I had upper and lower blepharoplasty two years ago. I wanted to get rid of the eye bags that I’d had since I was a child. I have had chemosis ever since. I have seen a total of six different doctors. I had snip conjuntivoplasty surgery at UCLA one year after the original procedure to relieve the chemosis in my right eye. It certainly helped but did not resolve the problem completely. At this point I’m doing so much better and the chemosis is almost gone. This whole thing has been a nightmare and I still have lower eye bags. No one has been able to tell me why this happened. I’ve heard a number of theories from all the different doctors but their thoughts and ideas don’t answer my question as to why this happened.


Thanks for sharing with us, I hope you find support from our Community.

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Thank you so much for sharing your experience, smblueyes. Eyelid surgery can produce so many poor outcomes and complications that are not adequately discussed by surgeons. If real patients didn't share their experiences, then the public wouldn't know the truth about how risky these procedures are and how much suffering they cause when they go wrong. I'm glad your chemosis is improving.
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