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$2300 Down the Drain - San Diego, CA

A friend told me she'd heard of Exilis, we both...

A friend told me she'd heard of Exilis, we both have been complaining about our tummies. I watched the clip from Kathy Lee Gifford, and decided to go for it. The fact that is was non-invasion sold me, I was not ready to go for for lipo or surgery. Although the initial price of $350 per section, plus $99 each additional, sounded reasonable, by the time my upper and lower abs, plus flanks, plus the skin tightening was added up, the 4 treatments came to $2300. Whew.

The treatment itself was tolerable, hot, but tolerable. As directed, I drank tons of water, and did aerobic exercises to help sweat it out as well. The bottom line, no difference AT ALL in my measurements.

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I didn't have any luck with Exilis, either. I had it on my neck, upper thighs, and inner arms. I noticed nothing after four or five treatments. I have since discovered Reaction, by Viora (or, vice-versa!), and it is a much more powerful machine and gives results. I have had three treatments on the inner arm, and it has been several months since I have been back, and they still look much improved. I had at least four treatments of Exilis in this area, without results. I am anxious to have more Viora treatments, but the doctor has merged two offices now, and he doesn't have enough space for all of his procedures, so they are always booked.
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where in san diego did you get the procedure done?
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Revive Spa and Salon in Mission Valley.
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Did you do a series or just one?
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I did 4 sessions.
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