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Initial surgery was in 2006 post 4 children with a...

Initial surgery was in 2006 post 4 children with a different surgeon. Looking for breast lift/reduction. At the advice of physician I included a saline implant for upper pole fullness. I was not happy with the initial results because of breast size and shape (requested to be C cup and was still a DDD cup). Sought the help of Dr. Batra in 2012 to have saline implants removed, breast size reduced (again requested a C cup or D cup MAX), and silicone implants inserted (looking for upper pole fullness I was told I would not get without implants). I am very unhappy with my results. My breasts are now BIGGER than they were before (I am now a G cup). My breasts are also still saggy and misshapen. The scarring is worse than before due to sutures that were not removed at my post-op appointment (this results in wider scars in places where the sutures were left in longer). I expressed my concerns with Dr. Batra at my post-op appointments and was told I could spend thousands of dollars having a revision done to correct my concerns. I have waited 1 1/2 years post-op hoping to adjust to/accept my results. Sad to say I am still very unhappy and searching for yet another surgeon who can give me fuller and SMALLER breasts. Very disappointed.
I'm sorry about ur pain, Ur story seems similar to mine... U can check my page.. Also when I switched from 550 hp saline to 650 mod gel, it gave me a much more natural look.. The hp give SO much projection.. My old Giant 32 DDD boobies are now revised and look so natural.. And sit so much better in my chest
I am sorry to hear about your concerns after breast surgery. My best suggestion to patients considering revisionary breast surgery, after careful selection of your plastic surgeon, is very careful communication of goals. Discussing goals ( or evaluating outcomes) in terms of cup size can be a source of miscommunication and/or disappointment. I find the use of goal pictures and careful communication in front of a full-length mirror very helpful. Best wishes.
Thanks for sharing your story. Sorry to hear you got disappointed a second time! Did you consider having a lift? I found that one is really needed when you go smaller and helps a LOT with shape and less sagginess.
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