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After months and months of hating the way my...

After months and months of hating the way my daughter left my breasts (after nursing) I decided I wanted to get an augmentaion. I talked to all my friends who got them, did some research and finally decided I am going to do it! At first I had decided on the Tuba method through transumbilical but then after looking into some more decided on transaxillary silicone. I went with 400CC in both breasts and was so, so excited. It has been 2 weeks since the surgery and while I am in love with the way my left breast looks and feels I am freaking out about the right. It sits significantly higher and the impant seem to be sitting in the upper part of my breast and not down in the lower pocket. I keep asking people I know if they experieced one dropping before the other and no one can say that they have. I am worried that the right will not drop and I will have to get corrective surgery. Anyone have any stories they can share to ease my mind?

Have you spoken to your surgeon about this? Has he or she recommended anything (a band or massage?) to help it drop? Here's what some doctors said to another RealSelf member whose breasts were dropping at different rates. Hope it helps. Remember that you're still pretty early days and talk to your doctor.

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