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I am 35 and had always looked younger than my age....

I am 35 and had always looked younger than my age. However, I've had horizontal lines on my forehead since I was in my early 20s from having a very expressive face. I decided to try botox when one day when I noticed I vertical lines between my brows and really felt I was starting to look my age. I have got botox twice now in the last 6 months. I totally love it. I look much more relaxed and back to looking younger than my age. The first time it lasted 4 months and I think the lines were still fainter than before when I got my second. I can still make a frowny face, though I try not to! I get compliments all the time lately about how healthy and happy I look. Even my husband doesn't know. I had no adverse reactions. Just went to work 10 minutes after treatment. The cost was good, plus you can get coupons/rebates from Allergan. I thought it was very much worth it and will be getting it again.


Hi Britt, sorry I did not see this reply. I've only ever used the same Dr fo botox so I don't have much comparison. I had some pink bumps for a few hours that you could see if you paid attention. Not really anything serious. I've really had no pain, no bruising. No numbing cream or ice were needed. The needles are very tiny. He has a very light hand I guess?
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Thanks ali_o for the added info and happy to hear you are still doing well.

Enjoy your week,


Hi Ali,

Glad you had such a great experience and thanks for the review. Question though, you said you went back to work 10 minutes after, other community members are usually swollen for at least a day, did your doctor do anything special to speed up your recovery? Please keep us updated. :)



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