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I am thin, with crypt keeper hands and my Texas...

I am thin, with crypt keeper hands and my Texas gentleman friend asked if there is something ladies can do to make their hands look younger. Rather than punch him, I decided to go ahead with this. Dr. Karam had done facial fat transfer 2-1/2 years ago, so I didn't hesitate. Easy as pie. Love it!!!!

Photo of hands right after surgery

This is just in response to Josephine's questions about post surgical bruising. It was minimal. Most swelling.
San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon

This procedure is no big deal and Karam is very skilled at this. In fact, they say, the best in San Diego. I agree. He has a subtle hand. He will add more later if necessary. In fact, he did a tiny touch up of the facial fat transfer from over 2 years ago. Wish I had done hands sooner. I even went on a date one week later and kept hands under table mostly. Date didn't notice. Too busy looking at my youthful face no doubt. LOL

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hi, how many cc... and did you bruise... and did it last... did you have laser too...
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Josephine, No laser. Just injections. Didn't ask how much was transferred in terms of cc's. I don't remember if it bruised. Not really bruised. I even went on a date 7 days later and kept my hands under the table. Date didn't notice.
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Looks GREAT, as my hands have always been thin and need help. As for yoir 'gentleman 'friend'....he is neither!
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Did you bank some of the fat too? We all need a little touch up to our hands, eyes, lips, etc. as we age. I got some fat banked. Next time I need to some for fat transfer I won't need to go through another harvest.
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MadK99, I wouldn't ever bank my fat. Here's why. There is absolutely no research showing that those frozen fat cells are as viable as a directly transfered cells . Sure, they will fill the injection site. Then much is resorbed. That resporption is a highly variable part of the equation. Then about 7 to 9 months out, the fat cells remaining finally plump up and the "tissue graft" takes hold and proliferate in some respect. I think my directly transferred, never-frozen fat cells will come out ahead of the frozen version. Of course, I have not seen the research for the plumping up part, but this is what Dr. Karam told me and it seems to be a viable working theory. You can try the frozen stuff, but remember that when your surgeon tells you stuff, he has a confirmation bias. Meaning he wants to be right especially because he makes extra money doing this. That bias in itself does not mean he is wrong, he may very well be objectively reporting his direct experience with this kind of fat banking, but it is very hard to know that until after the fact. Also, if it fails, one could just say it didn't work in your case. On the other hand, your doctor may inject much more fat perhaps knowing that more of the frozen stuff will not be viable. True, by banking fat, it should be really very, very inexpensive to do this kind of injection. In fact, even if they harvest it at time of injection, it is one of the cheaper treatments. Fat transfer is a high margin procedure as it involves relatively low risk and is very quick. The priciness of it here reflects the doctor's expertise among other things. Karam is the said to be the best and I am certainly happy although I think it could easily cost less.
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Glad you're happy with what you got done. So am I. I saw a paper published a few months ago in Journal of Surgical Research "Cryopreservation of whole adipose tissue for future use in regenerative medicine". Just like they can freeze your baby's cord blood, or whole blood for transfusions -- adipose tissue can be stored too. As I get older the stem cells in the fat tissue that I have stored are NOT aging. I'll have that store of younger tissue to go back to years from now. Now that I've been looking at it, I know of dozens of docs that store and used cryo-preserved fat tissue. You are definitely right that the doctors level of expertise makes all the difference. I've seen some that do fabulous work -- real artists. A few -- not so much.
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