Is It Normal to Be Left with Uneven Nipples After Breast Implants and with a Small Amount of Liquid from Surgery - San Diego, CA

I had my first set of saline implants 10 years ago...

I had my first set of saline implants 10 years ago 2001. I developed a lot of scar tissue, hardening of the breast. My plastic surgeon suggested I change them to silicon jell implants. In 2009 I had my second surgery. I changed to jell silicon and reduced them by 100 cc on one breast and 150 on the other.

After several months I began experiencing pain/discomfort in addition to this my nipples were visibly disproportionate. One breast/nipple was a lot higher than the other. I consulted a General surgeon, had some test run. They found several cysts, small amount of liquid underneath the pocket. They could not tell if this was due to water left over from surgery or a leak from the implant.

My plastic surgeon said that my nipples were uneven because my natural breasts are uneven.

Is it normal to be left with uneven nipples after breast implants and with a small amount of liquid from surgery?

HI there,

I don't think uneven nipples are incredibly uncommon. I read about it quite a lot here. That doesn't mean you have to like it, though! Here's a link to what some doctors have to say about a recent post-op patient concerned about her uneven nipples.

If you'd like to post a question yourself, you should include a photo and you can post it here.

Good luck with this!

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