21 Soon I Want a New Bod Bbl Here I Come - San Diego, CA

Hay eveyone after looking at thsi website I...

Hay eveyone after looking at thsi website I decided to talk about my journey looking and finding bbl doctor my body is not like it use to be and I want a better butt.I've looked at doctors in san diego but I think I was to go to doctor Pantoja in tj does anyone any other suggestions for a great doctor to get an hourglass I really want to go to be dramatically I will be posting pictures of the actual body for you guys to see.
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Hay ladies I haven't been on here in month I actually got a quote from dr Cardenas and it was about 5k however I never responded I just thought why am I doing this knowing I will never have the money to pay for it the. I finally thought I deserve this so guess what lady I got a second job an I am now working towards my goal!

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