From "C" Cup to "A" in 10 Doctors.... - San Clemente, CA

I did it because i wanted to. And Dr. D did it...

I did it because i wanted to. And Dr. D did it because he FINALLY could tell that i really wanted it done. My pre and post op photos are on his site.

Wanted my implants out for personal reasons. Talked w/TEN doctor's NO ONE would do it for me.

Dr. D was fairly shocked when i told him what i wanted, talked to me for over an hour. I told him i wanted them out, no replacements, and why.

He was exremely thorough (read: nosey) but in the end he said if that was what i wanted he would do it for me.

and he did.

I was beyond happy.

He did such a great job that when i went to a new gyno i told her i had had implants while she was doing a breast exam and she thought i was joking. She couldn't find the scar and my tissue felt like nothing had ever been inside it.

SHE was impressed.

Orange Plastic Surgeon

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{Edited by RealSelf to remove third party url} Lovely story thank you for sharing and informing us of this nice doctor. :]

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Hi kent i need help finding a doctor........ Its important
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my surgeon is in England so probably no good if you live in US.
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Thank you for your post and being able to view before and after photos which by the way are great and very encouraging. My story is pretty much the same as you except I've had no problem finding a willing surgeon. I just have to be sure I'm as emotionally ready as I can be!
Thanks and best wishes to you.
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Hi i was wondering where i could see the photos where she went from a c to an a cup
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I think I may have go her post confused with another post so maybe there weren't any photos.
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