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Had surgery on June 13,2011, and it hasn't...

Had surgery on June 13,2011, and it hasn't even been a week and I am having second thoughts whether this was the decision for me. I feel guilty that I don't want to cook for my family, nor to I have alot of energy to do anything with my daughter. Maybe this is only a temporary feeling and I truly hope it will pass, since I only had the surgery to get rid of my diabetes and as of right now, I am still on meds.

I am an older woman with many obesity related medical problems. I am looking into gastric bypass purely to improve my health. I have been through many surgeries, none of which were laproscopic. I have always done very well. The surgery, itself, does not bother me. My concern lays in the fact that I do not have a support system. Is it possible to use REALSELF as a personal online support system? I will have help at home and a counselor, but I know that I will need emotional support from those who know from experience, what I will be feeling.

Thank you, in advance, for whatever help you can give me.

MOTHERIVA ( Iva Morris )
hey 3 week post surgery, suffering badley on a daily basis with dizzyness and sickness have to use anti sickness patches continually will this pass ever xxx help xxx

Hi Chickadee,

We have an area on RealSelf where you can ask expert doctors a question. If you need some advice then please follow this link and ask your question:

We have some great weight loss surgery doctors here on RealSelf.



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