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I am 20 yrs old and just had ababy. I am a 34 b of...

I am 20 yrs old and just had ababy. I am a 34 b of pure skin after sure most ladies know what im talking about. I am very uncomfortable with the way my breasts look not just due to the size; on top of that i have very large LARGE areolas..i need good recommendations of drs here in socal. Ive heard good reviews on one of the drs im leaning towards but ive also heard afew bad reviews.his work looks phoenomenal but im very scared beacause i dont jnow anyone who has had this done before.

I need a saline augmentation under the muscle and an areola reduction. I got a quote of 5500... But i wanted to get a quote from princess cosmetic in oc..has anyone been there..?if so how was your experience? Im leaning on going to california surgical institute but im still a little iffy....

After visiting ten different surgeons from OC to Beverly Hills and doing my own extensive research, I found and received positive feedback from a doctor right by my house in Riverside (I live in Corona). He was the only doctor who had written a very detailed and informative handbook covering breast augmentation. He was the only doctor who did not try to upsell me a lift or nipple reduction. Furthermore, he was the only doctor who included ultrasound post surgery treatments to assist with healing process. I made a consult Appt and luckily ran into several gals at my bank who had them done by same doctor which gave me more confidence. I paid about $4k and have had so many compliments. I can not say enough positive things about Dr. Carli and his staff at Magnolia Surgery Center! Whatever you do, make sure you ask questions, visit the surgery room, confirm the before/after pics are your doctor's work, confirm your doctor you meet is the one who is operating on you and go with your gut feeling. You have only one body and you must be careful with any surgery you choose. As for me, I am extremely happy with my decision to improve myself, happy with the doctor I chose and have not looked back :) Good luck!
I loved my doctor in Torrance Ca her name is Dr Chritine Petti. But from what I have seen online Dr Poutsi in temecula looks good and he is closer to u
Sorry I dont have information about surgeons in your area, but we are in the same boat. I also am a 34A/B saggy sking HUGE areolas. I am getting a lift augmentation and implants on April 3rd. Im getting my areolas reduced and I couldn't be happier. My surgery is in Houston and I just love My PS. I hope you find a great PS and please keep us posted about your exciting new journey.
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