Just ZOOMED...so Painful...those That Are Teetering Should Read

I'm 40 years old and in excellent health. I brush...

I'm 40 years old and in excellent health. I brush regularly and floss 2-3 times per week. I've never had a cavity and always receive comments (from dentists) such as "Great looking teeth" and "You've taken great care of your teeth".

I am coffee drinker (2 cups a day), I rarely drink soda and use to smoke (pack a day for 13 years), but quit 11 years ago. My teeth were A2-3...not too bad, but obviously not white anymore. I wanted a brighter smile... I was the perfect candidate, or so I thought.

After the 2nd session, and after they added the next layer of peroxcide, it felt as if they were sawing through my teeth. It was the most pain I have ever felt and considered rating it the worst. I started to sweat and my hands started to shake - we had to stop. It was awful.

I left the dentist 90 minutes ago and have experienced 5 "zingers", one only seconds ago. It feels like pins are trying to push their way through my teeth (gums are ok).

Anyway, I gained one shade...my teeth loook better, but if I had to do over again, I wouldn't. Just sharing my story...good luck.


I had my teeth whitened at my dentist in Tijuana Mexico. I am a US native of San Diego CA and dental work is so much better and cheaper there. I don't know wha the procedure is called, but I had it done for $100, took not even 30 minutes. I have very sensitive teeth (receding gums due to age) and I had not one problem. My teeth look gorgeous and I am very happy!
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Didn't warn about the zingers, but I knew aleready.

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