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Never Do Zerona.. No Results for Me!!!

BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER! Dont believe what everyone...

BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER! Dont believe what everyone says about zerona.. cause i did.. and wasted $2450 . I lost 3 inches.. but i was an 1/2 inch in each place... i look the same and didnt lose a pant size like they said i would.. im soo mad. It seems like alot when they say 3 to 5 inches.. but it isnt anything there is nothing different about me.. i would at least think i would get complaints after the treatment but no one noticed a difference.

Save your money and get lipo.

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Well in our office we have had pts of all age,size and health issues...results vary the average loss on our first 22 pts has been 7 inches,thats a all over measurements..It can work and for others it may not work.So to say Zerona is bad for all is a major mistake.It works,but it is a lifestyle change and you need to work on your end from day 1 of the month protocal..
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your advice on lifestyle.......oh thanks, never thought of that....hard to imagine diet and exercise may help someone lose weight. Zerona claims results, not as a motivational tool.....
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Wow, I live in San Antonio and had the same exeperience. Lots of different statements on what to expect and how many treatments it would take to see results. I even called Zerona and they said over 40 has an even worse response rate than younger adults. Nobody mentioned that to me. I guess I should know better than making a decision to spend this kind of money on a magic trick that does not work. Please speak up if you have had the same experience.
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Alamo, I have been following the Zerona discussion for months trying to sort out whats real and what is competitive bias before undergoing the procedure. Your post doesnt make much sense to me...First off there is no company called Zerona so who was it you actually spoke to? I find it hard to believe that any employee would make such a comment. I have spoken to the manufacturer in Dallas and they have been very open about the procedure and actually been quite accomidating answering questions but no one has ever said it doesnt work for a certain age group. Who was your provider in San Antonio?
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-please see this website. You are correct Zeronia is a product by -Erchonia. I call the number on the website 877-699-3766 for more information. I am not pleased with the variety of miss information or at least different information shared between company reps and the provider. It places the provdier is a bad spot. I do not and will not recommend this product.
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