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Hello Everyone, I’m a 30yr old mother of 3...

Hello Everyone,
I’m a 30yr old mother of 3 ages 7, 4 and 2. I have been going back and forth for the past couple of years on whether or not I should get a tummy tuck. I’m 5”7 and right now I weigh 173 pounds, I’m okay with my size just hate my stomach. Before I got pregnant with my daughter I weighed 130 lbs, I gained 60 pounds with her. Eventually I was able to get down to around 163 but still had a stomach. I started working out twice a day and was able to lose most of my stomach but it never went back flat. In 2007, I became pregnant with my middle son and when I had him I weighed 208lbs. I had him in Feb of 2008 and 8 months later I became pregnant with my youngest son. I had my tubes tie 2 months later, 3 kids is enough for me! I have had a stomach since 2007. Since I had my last son I have exercised on and off. I have been able to lose weight but no luck with losing my stomach. For the past year my husband has told me to at least have a consult done, but I never did because I knew that a tt is expensive. I’m a full time college student and my husband is the only one working. I feel bad that we are spending thousands of dollars on this procedure, when it could go towards something else.

A few weeks ago I was in the restroom on campus and this girl asked me if I was pregnant or just had a baby. I couldn’t believe it; I was so upset I called my husband crying. Within the next couple of days I started looking for plastic surgeons and I stumbled upon this site. I contacted two clinics and schedule my consults. When I went to my first consult I was expecting to meet with the doctor for my consult, but instead I meet with someone from his “consulting team.” She handed me a book of the procedures he has done and asked me to pick one of the pictures that best resembled my stomach. She printed me up an estimate of the procedure, which is a little over 9100 (after a 360 discount for having tt and lipo of flanks) which includes all fees. And that was the end of my consult. Although the doc has great reviews on the internet, I didn’t like the fact that I was unable to meet him. I guess after I paid $250 to hold my surgery date then I would meet him. The next day I went to have my other consult. I wasn’t sure if I was going to meet this doctor or maybe having a consult with someone’s from her consulting team. One of the staff members had me change into a robe and within minutes the doctor walked in, I was so happy. She looked at my stomach and told me a great candidate for a tt. She sat down with me and my husband went through everything that the surgery consisted of. Also what I should expect during my recovery and she also warned me that she keeps her drains in for 2 wks and that I can call and complain to her all I want, she will listen but she will not take them out any sooner. She showed use before and after pics of her patients and explained the photos to us. She is a surgeon in the Air Force but has her own practice on the side. When the consult was over we received the estimate which was a little over 8700 (after 10% military discount off of her fee). My husband and I loved this doctor and decided to go with her.

My procedure is scheduled for July 5; I’m so excited but yet nervous. I am so grateful to husband for paying for me to have the surgery. My mother in law is flying down a couple of days before my surgery and she’s going to stay a month to help my hubby with the kids while I’m recovering. We will see how that goes. My two youngest kids both boys love to be under me especially my middle son, he a mommy’s boy. Hopefully they will do okay with not being able to be under me for a little while.

I will post pic soon

glad you had two consults scheduled, wow cant believe the 1st consult went the way it did ! good luck with everything.
What was the doctor's name (in San Antonio)? I'm in North Texas and would really like to consider getting a consult with her too!
Her name is Quintessa Miller and the name of her practice is called After Hours Aesthetics.
I'm not sure how far you are from San Antonio but I would recommend having a consult with her. After my husband and I had our consult with her we could tell how much she loved what she does and how much pride she takes in her work. She was very welcoming, explained the procedure to us in detail and answer any question that we had. Her practice also caters to working moms, they are open evenings and weekends which is great. I had my consult on a Saturday, because it was on the weekend my husband was able to go with me.

I went to my pre op appointment yesterday. My...

I went to my pre op appointment yesterday. My surgery date has been moved from the 5th (Thur) to the 6th (Fri), my husband is glad because he says now I can barbecue of the 4th of July. The appointment went well, I'm still glad that I chose the surgeon that I did. She went over what I should expect after the surgery and all the complications. One of the complications that she stressed over and over again is blood clots (forgot the proper term) . She said that all the other complications are a pain in the butt, but are manageable and can be fix, but if a clot forms and travels to your lung it can cause death. She really stressed walking after the surgery. She said try to walk early in the morning or late in the evening, because she doesn't want me walking in the heat (I live in Texas). During the day she said walk around the house. I paid for the surgery everything except the facility fee which is paid directly to the facility the day of surgery. I have to arrive at the hospital no later then 530am and surgery is set to start at 730am. The doc is going to use a medicine ball to manage my pain after surgery, she said the meds in it will last about 4 or 5 days. After the med has ran out I can pull the little tube out or if I don't feel comfortable I can come in and she will do it. I also was measured for my compression garment. She also took pictures and she said that she will take pics during the surgery as well. I final have download all the pics off my phone, so I will take photo of myself and post them tonight or in the morning. I still have some things I need to do around the house between now and next Friday. My husband leaves tomorrow for a couple of days for a conference, so it will be the kids and I, I know that I wont get much done. I don't that it has registered that I'm having surgery next Friday.
Hope everything went well. Keep us posted when you are feeling better.
Ohhhh, not long now eh. You are just a few days after me. I'm booked in for this Tuesday (3rd). I am so excited. I am packing lots of little bits and pieces for in hospital, cleaning the house top to bottom, getting up tp date with all the washing and ironing so hubby can cope somehow.....no idea how he ever managed before we got married.....lol. Are you worried about anything? The only think I'm worried about is being able to get up and move about afterwards! I will find out soon enough i guess. Hope everything goes really well for you. Will be following your story. :)
I having been trying to clean the house from top to bottom, but only managed to do the top. It seems as soon as I clean the kids make more of a mess.lol. My husband will be back tomorrow so it should be will easier for me to clean while he keeps the kids entertained. I'm also trying to get caught up on laundry. My mother in law is coming out on Tues to help out, so she probably will doing the cooking and cleaning. Right now I'm not worried about anything but next week I will probably be a nervous wreck. I'm just sooo ready to see the after results. I cant even imagine how I will look with a flat stomach because its been so long since I've had one. I will follow your story as well,Good luck.

It has been an long week. My number one complaint...

It has been an long week. My number one complaint right now is this darn drain, I'm ready to rip it out!!! Hopeful I will be able to get it removed tomorrow. I am so amazed at the results thus far and I know that I am swollen everywhere. My flanks where I had the lipo really hasn't bothered me. it's been my actually tt site. I have finally slowed down on taking the meds which is good, all thought it work they made me really sleepy. I have started taking showers, I swear its nothing like being clean. The first two showers my husband helped, but yesterday he purchased me a chair for the shower so I was able to do it myself. The day following the surgery the doc came to my house to check on me and change the bandages out. She informed me that my muscles were so separated that she had to double stitch them and stitch them higher than normal. She said that she only has seen one other lady who muscles were worse then mine and she was pregnant with triplets. I'm so ready to see the after results when all the swelling goes down!
OH MY GOSH!!!! YOU LOOK AMAZING!!!!! I saw you before pics and though wow - that kinda looks like me and then your results WOW - just WOW!!!! I hope I look half as great as you do! I can SO tell you have the severe muscle seperation as do I so your after pictures give me super high hopes! You have me even more excited now! YAY!!! I go in on 8/1 so keep me in your thoughts!! Congrats again!!!
Wow! You look fabulous! Your "before" belly was the closest I've seen to mine and I pray I have as great a result as you. I'm more excited now. Did you have a pain pump after surgery?
Wow! Your results are amazing already, congratulations! I had mine on 7-9-12. My shower bench is my favorite friend right now. Love my showers. I still have two drains. Ian starting to walk a little straighter now & just feeling better over all.

I just got back from my one week checkup....

I just got back from my one week checkup. Everything went great. I was able to get my drain out today, I'm so HAPPY!!! So now I have to pack the incision where the drain was for 7 days, just to make sure that if anything still needs to drain it will have a way out. Before I take a shower everyday I have to pull the strip out and replace it after I get out the shower. Hopefully it wont be as painful as it was today when my ps did it.
You look awesome!
Thanks for following me! I will continue to fillet your healing process! Yeah my doc said mine is some of the worst hes seen and a hernia does not help. LOL. Yeah...were going to totally have to change the way we shop! So exciting!!! I am already a shopaholic and I have 3 girls! :) my poor hubby! LOL
Thank you so much..I will follow your progress along your journey. I didn't know that my muscles were so severely separated and just having them fixed has made a tremendous difference in my appearance and self esteem. Am already looking on clothing websites looking at all the clothes that I can now wear that I wouldn't imagine wearing a few months ago.
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