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Insight//Recommendations - San Antonio, TX

I'm looking to have Smart Lipo done in San Antonio...

I'm looking to have Smart Lipo done in San Antonio and feeling nervous about it. I have seen the before/after pics of the procedure, which which some people look amazing. My concern is finding the right doctor for me and someone who can give the me the results I'm looking for. I am 25 pounds from my goal weight and eat/work-out often.

I thinking about Sono Bello, but then I saw someone posted that you don't meet with the doctor until after you pay......seems a little unsettling for me. Has any been to the Sono Bello clinic here in SA or can recommend someone?

Yes, I have used the "doctor finder", but wanted to hear from other women, on their experience/insight with the doctors in San Antonio.

Hi there, welcome and thanks for choosing to share your journey with us.

We do have a doctor finder feature you can use, to find boad certified doctors throughout the USA and Canada. Just click the link, pick the city/state and then the procedure.

I hope this helps and please do keep us updated with your progress!

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