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So far everything has moved along just great, I...

So far everything has moved along just great, I really like Dr. Taylor, he took a lot of time explaining just what I should expect, and my husband was even pleased with his explanation of things that were going to happen.
I have had several calls from the staff, and it really put my mind at ease. I'm still anxious, but that's to be expected. I will try to keep things up to date after the procedure.
It is now 4 weeks after surgery, and I am so pleased, I had a very easy time, not real pain to talk about, soreness where they did the lifting of the muscles in the neck, but other then that, everything went smooth, I don't go back till Jan 3rd due to the holidays, so when I have my after pictures done, I ought to look real good. My 57th Anniversary is Jan 18th, and this was a gift from my hubby.
It's 3 days post op, and I'm sore and swollen, they did the lifestyle lift, both upper and lower eye lids, and full face laser. right now I don't look great. but I'm sure there will be a big differance, I will keep you posted.
Just found your post. What all are you having done? I bet it's a relief to have found the doctor you trust to do the job. I'm still in that phase...but ready to move on. There are so many different opinions from surgeons. Good luck.

4 weeks after surgery

Every thing going great, am not sorry I had this done, and would tell anyone to go for it. I don't know how to add photo's yet, sorry.
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