Lipo Laser Works... NOT - San Antonio, TX

This doesn't work. You give your money to these...

This doesn't work. You give your money to these Lipo people and may as well throw it in the toliet.

Drank lots of water and excercised. Refrained from eating bad items and in small portions. It did not work. Wow. Putting a light on my stomach and no visable difference? I was good too, drinking water and excercising.

Laser applied to surface of the skin does not work. Laser only works when used under the skin, directly into the fat after doctor instills tumescent fluid.
I had a horrible experience at this place in San Antonio. I had had previous laser treatments and was shocked that they put these things on me, then turned a machine on and left the room. Immediately, one of the things started burning my leg. I was shouting for someone to help me, but nobody came. I used the stretchy fabric used to hold the "lasers" in place to hold the laser up, sending "laser" beams all over the room, shielding my eyes with my arm until they finally came in. Their pathetic excuse that the particular laser was defective was completely unacceptable, and they had NO first aid kit. All they gave me was a wet wash cloth. I was so upset that I just wanted to leave. When I got home, I called my husband, a medical doctor, and told him what had happened. He asked me if there had been a doctor at the place or if it was at a spa. I told him that I thought it was just a spa. (I had purchased the coupon through Group-On, who continued to sponsor this organization despite my report/ complaint to them about receiving second degree burns. My opinion of Group-On has plummeted.) When my husband asked me to measure the burn, I attempted to touch it, and the skin suddenly peeled off in strips. My husband left work and tried to make me go to a doctor's office, but I refused to go because I read a lot of war books and I was terrified of what they would do to me. He went to the pharmacy and got medication to treat my burns. The place returned my money and apologized. Group-On also returned my money and said that they would look into the legitimacy of the of the operation. I told them that the place had no licensed aesthetician, defective equipment, no method of contacting an employee in case of an emergency, had violated the law by leaving me alone with laser treatments, and to top it off, had NO first aid kit. How much more of a back alley abortion clinic setting were they looking for? I truly regret not obtaining the services of an attorney and suing the h*ll out of the "lipolaser" place and Group-On! I will NEVER go to a place that does not have a medical doctor present again. I had treatments done at my doctor's office before he sold his laser, and the treatments really did work, but they were done with a Sciton Laser, not something that looked like it had come out of a Chinese factory like the one that was at the Group-On sponsored place.
Hey, i've heard the laser on its own is rubbish. I had laser lipo (with the removal of fat also) 4 days ago and am already amazed with the results...tiny incisions and results straight away! It is definately worth saving up for- you get what you pay for unfortunately :-( !!!!! Good luck!x
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