Had Cellulaze Yesterday, October 2nd, 2012 - San Antonio, TX

I took the plunge ladies and feel pretty good....

I took the plunge ladies and feel pretty good. Legs are quite puffy and bruised at the moment. Asked Dr. Diana (he's a certified instructor for this procedure for all the Texas docs. My first appointment with him was a flop, as my heart rate increased so much that even after being in the operating room, I was sent home. So, it was general anesthesia for me. I also had SmartLipo on the back of thighs and hips. He smoothed out old lumps from my upper arms too, where I'd had bad Liposuction refusing to wear sleeveless blouses.

One day post op and I feel amazing. I thought I wouldn't feel this great. It's a piece of cake after the tummy tuck and knee surgery early this year. (Had knees cut and tissue removed, hoping it'd make them smaller and less dimply--didn't have a clue about the cellulose treatment or I'd have waited on it.

Long story short he cellulazed the front of my legs only. Cost was 6K for all procedures.

I'm fairly content with it Ladies. Took a couple pics while sitting down this morn from my laptop so here they are one day after. I didn't have horrific cellulite -- Dr. Diana said I'd have a good outcome and as of now I do indeed, but remember I'm full of fluid so we'll see after the swelling goes away.

I'm 50. If you'd like to write me directly for questions on this procedure you are welcome to. Renee dot Robyn at Me.com.

He also went thru the incisions that were already on my knees and incision on my butt to do all procedures so I don't have new incision lines but they're tiny anyway -- so I'm pleased about that.

So far, I'm saying its worth it! Hoping to do the back side next year.

Bless you all,

Reja I am curious how your knees look, because I need to have that done but haven't seen anyone else have that area treated. I wish you the best with your recovery and PLEASE keep us posted.
Thanks Ladies (Bruiser, Zenapw, and Kate)... I'll just say "so far" all looks very normal and not as bad as I expected. What's interesting is I'm puffy everywhere....unsure why. But, my hands get puffy then go down, same with my eyes. But, legs are indeed inflamed. Did not take ANY pain killers today. In fact, did laundry, drove to supermarket, etc. Doesn't feel terrible yet. Hope it stays that way. Asked my doc about the staining and oddly he said it happens to Italians and people with DARKER skin. I don't know anything about the staining other than what I've read here. I figured since I don't wear shorts anyway, I'm willing to take the risk and hope it improves. The inflammation is enough that it'd cover the dimpling (cellulite) at least till swelling subsides will I really be able to tell if it's gone. So far, it appears to be gone and the bruising, well it's there as you can see in the photos I posted this morn. I'd also had my upper arms SmartLipo'd and they look fantastic. I'd stopped wearing sleeveless dresses in summer during the day b/c the lumpiness was so unattractive; worse than the flabby arms! BUT they look sooo good! I can wear sleeveless again day & night so for that I'm thrilled. My previous doc liposuctioned too much out of my arm and it CAUSED dimples looking similar to cellulite! But its gone, so I don't worry about upper body anymore. :) I will keep all of you posted. Tomorrow is Day 3.
Sounding positive! Thanks for all your updates, looking forward to more.
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I'm not rating everything just yet but am thinking it will be a lovely outcome. Time will tell. He mentioned the "staining" response to ya'll questions. Said that happens to Italian women most, or ppl with dark skin.

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