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I just found this website and want to know as much...

I just found this website and want to know as much as I can. I have read many stories and would like to hear more from those who have answers or advice!

I had my BA done in 2001 - 350cc saline under the muscle through the nipple. I am 4'10" and 105 lbs. I am 53 years old and in a turmoil. I was a 34B before the BA, nursed 2 kids so had very small breasts that just needed some filling up. I wanted to be a 34C - nothing huge, just nice and a little bigger. What I got was way bigger - a 34D. The day after my BA, I was distraught and wanted them out. I made an appointment to have them removed and then my PS and family and friends talked me into leaving them and waiting. Since then, I have most of the time not been happy with my big boobs. For ALL the reasons that everyone else writes about - they are the same. However, my boobs do look great, very natural, but to me they are too big for my petite frame. I went back in 2010 to see about exchanging them and my PS talked me out of it. Once again, he said they look great - leave them alone. I went back today and again, he said the same thing and that I really needed to think about it. I told him I've been thinking about it since day 1 and really hard since 2010. My husband and my friends tell me they look great but I have to choose the right clothing so you can't see how big they are. Sometimes that doesn't always work . . .

Without going into all the reasons why I want them out, am I crazy? My PS said you are not going to like it without them. Please tell me that I am and that they'll go back to what they were or has it been too long? I just want to be myself again but I also don't want to look "deformed?" - not sure if that's the right word. I just need to hear from people who have done it and are happy with how they look. I have found several stories that have gotten me ready to call back and make my appointment. I guess I'm just scared . . .and wondered why I was so stupid . . . I just want to be back to me.


Sounds exactly like my story. I have only had my new implants in for a few months. I am 53 as well. I feel like these hang down without the support. They are not what I used to have molded to my body. My PS said he would take then out under local on a couple of weeks, but I Need some real pictures to help me decide.
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I understand your feelings! Although I haven't had my explant surgery yet (scheduled for October), no one but you (and the women on this forum) knows how unnatural the implants feel. They can only comment on how your breasts "look". It seems like for many of us, it is the unnatural feeling that is so uncomfortable. You should do what your heart tells you. I know I won't look "perfect" after my explantation, I don't honestly think I look perfect now. And perfection is no longer my goal. I want to be healthy, happy, and natural. My internal self is guiding me. If your surgeon tries to persuade you otherwise, I say find another surgeon! Good luck, and please keep us posted!
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Thank you for starting your story on RealSelf! It sounds like you haven't liked your implants from the get go. I think you need to follow your heart on this one. And remember that there's more to us than how our breasts look. How we feel is key. (Don't get me wrong, nice breasts don't hurt, I just hate seeing women feel defined by their chests).

I'm rooting for you and this wonderful community will be here for you whatever decision you make.

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Surgery 8/21

I had my pre-op today and went in with all confidence and smiles. This is the best decision and I haven't even done the surgery yet. I'm just so happy I'm finally getting them out. I really wasn't even sure it was possible without replacements after all these years but thanks to this website and all the beautiful women who've shared their stories, I know its possible and what's right for me. You all truly helped me to say YES and what a relief. I feel like this huge weight has been lifted off my chest (and literally that will happen soon.) I can't imagine having to wait longer than a week, that's too long as it is! I was afraid my PS might try to change my mind again but he didn't. He was just very professional and I know he'll do a good job. I was concerned about telling close family and friends but that's actually been very cathartic for me. My mom was thrilled! She said she never understood why I got them and she's never liked them! I think my husband is happy too - now he won't have to worry about guys looking at my boobs! My friend who also has a BA and loves hers said - "So, you're getting rid of your big girl boobies!" Well, YES I am and proud of it! I was initially a little concerned about how its going to be back at work - I'm a teacher and school starts next week. However, I'm at this very nice place now where I don't give a hoot! I will be pleased to be me! I found my old pics of before and afters. They are polaroids but I will try to get them on somehow. I'm so happy!!


So excited for you! Things will go great, you are in my thoughts!
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Congrats! Wishing you beautiful results and a quick recovery! My removal is a short 3 sleeps away ;)
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OMG - How exciting. I don't know if I will be able to sleep when it gets that close! Too excited! Can't wait to hear about your experience. :)

Tomorrow's the Day!

I am so pumped up for tomorrow! It is finally here and I am so ready. I have to admit that I'm a little nervous but that's basically just nerves due to having a "procedure" done and going to a surgical center. I trust my doctor completely and understand that it's a "simple procedure" done with a local but I'm still a little nervous. I just can't believe that it's finally happening and I won't have to endure what my friend called - my "big girl boobies" - anymore. It is so past time to have them out and I'm so thankful for learning that I could actually have them out. I just never thought it was possible until all of you shared your stories. I'd love to post pics but my husband just doesn't want me to share them on the internet! I want to respect his wishes and thank him for putting up with all this mess from the beginning. Funny thing, he never wanted me to get them in the first place. It took years of persuading but this decision didn't take long at all! I'll post tomorrow just as soon as I can to give y'all an update. Love you all!! Good night and God Bless!!


Tiny reindeer (love that name!) thank you for your message. I too did not really have the courage to just take them out until I found this site. Such a blessing! I look forward to hearing about your results and wish you all good things tomorrow!
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Thinking of you today! When you feel up to it, please let us know how you're feeling.

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Thinking of you today. Good luck!
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Well I'm at home, back to me, and loving it. First off thank you God for everything! The surgery lasted 1 hour and I was only in recovery for about 30 minutes. I only had a local so was awake through it all. I had an IV with some anti-nausea medicine, an antibiotic, and a relaxer. I could feel some stuff going on but it was bearable and I really am glad that I wasn't put all the way out. I have some type of plastic bandage over the nipple/breast and over that I'm wrapped in a bandage. I can take the wrap off tomorrow and the other dressing will be on until my 1 week post-op appointment to take the stitches out. My PS said nothing about a bra but I put on my sports bra over the bandage - just felt better. I'm only taking 3 regular tylenol and it's helping somewhat. I'm definitely in a little pain but not horrible. Since I'm going to work tomorrow, I'm hoping I'll feel less pain in the morning. My PS was fantastic and I'm so thankful he did it. I love the way I look right now and I haven't even seen what they look like. I just feel so much more proportionate. I feel like I still have some boobs left. I'm super excited and just can't thank all of you enough. If anyone out there is on the fence - don't wait any longer - come on over! Don't wait as long as I did - just do it!


Wow! I am so glad you are doing so well and didn't find it to be a difficult procedure! I can't believe you are going back to work! Please be careful and don't try to lift anything. Congratulations!!!!
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Glad you are feeling well!
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Congratulation Tiny! So glad your happy and feeling good. xoxox
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Post op day 1

Felt good this morning but not much energy so opted to stay home. Good thing I did because almost 24 hours post op I got nauseated. I was vomiting from 9:30 to 1:30. I blame myself because I did not fill the RX for the nausea medicine. I felt so good yesterday - I didn't think I was going to get sick today. So I had to go get my meds and now I'm feeling much better. So learn from me - take your nausea medicine before you feel like crap! On a good note - I'm still happy with my boobs. I took off the tape bandage today and still have like plastic wrap over the nipples. Thanks to all who shared their pics, I was better prepared for how they look. I know they'll get better with time. I'm wearing a front hook sports bra from Wal Mart and it feels great.


Each day gets easier but listen to your body and rest!
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I am so sorry you were nauseated! I will now definitely listen and take all medication. You took one for the team and we will try to learn from your experience. I have to hope that the worst is now over and every day you will make huge strides. Here's hoping you have a great tomorrow!
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Oh goodness, I have been told that after operations it is best to be proactive with pain meds, guess it is true with anti nausea meds too. Hope you are resting well now. Vomiting is the worse!
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Well, I do not want to go against my husband's wishes but I have a need to share my photos. I did not ask him so I'm not really sure if he would have said yes or no. BUT, the pictures are what inspired me and the stories that went with them are what encouraged me. I want to help others that are out there contemplating an explant. I want to pay it forward! I love my little boobies and I feel so good to be me. Just a funny side note - This is something I never discussed with my dad - always went through mom. My dad is now 84 years old and in ill health. I told my mom to tell him because I know he'd be happy to know about it. Well, he called me yesterday and said "So, you got your old boobs back? It's a good thing, they didn't give them to someone else!" And YES, I'm so thrilled I got my old boobs back!


Today is the day! I will upload pictures after it is all over!
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Good luck Lillibeth! I know you will look great and feel great!
Cheering for you Tiny R !!!
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Love my boobies!

I am two weeks post-op tomorrow and feel absolutely outstanding! For anybody out there not sure, I just have to let you know that this has been the best thing ever. If you were not happy with your implants than I encourage you to explant. I just cannot explain the awesomeness of it all. I rode my horse over the weekend and while a little sore, it felt fantastic to have bouncing boobies that were a part of me. It is a totally different feeling. I also ran a little the other day from the barn to the house and loved my free and bouncing breasts. They have finally quit itching and just keep getting better and better everyday. My doctor was never specific about bras so I went by the advice on this website. I used a compression type bra for the first week during the day. At night, I sleep with a cami type bra which is very comfortable and non-binding - these are the same ones I wore with my implants. Today I wore my first underwire push-up bra and loved it. I bought 2 - 34B bras with some padding and love them. During the first week I looked extremely flat because my boobs were being compressed. However, I did not care one bit - I was happy to be me and all me. After the first week, I went to my regular sports bras that I wore with my implants. Surprisingly, my boobs looked very nice in them! I thank God once again and love you all for helping me get there.


In SA area also but going to Dallas as did not know who to go to here. Glad that all went well and that you are happy with outcome. My surgery is 10/1 and the stress builds as to what the out
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Hoping all goes as well for you as it has for me. You remember how full of dread I was. No regrets. Wish I had done it so much sooner!
Hi, Thank you for your story! You are such an inspiration to me! It really helps me heal emotionally to read stories like yours. And like my Dr. Says "A happy person is a healthy person." You have a beautiful result. I'm glad you found your voice and finally said you want them out! It is so empowering to be the real authentic woman God intended to walk this earth!
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Dr. James Landeen

He was awesome! He did a great job on my BA. I never had any problems and they did look very good - just too big! He did a great job on the explant. I'm so glad he did it.

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