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Im not very pleased with my body. I believe this...

Im not very pleased with my body. I believe this fat transfer is what I need to build up my confidence to where it used to be. I am 21 yrs old and still very athletic , but I'd like to be just a tad bit curvier and slimmer in my waist area. I was pleased with many of the before and after photos of the bbl and I really feel my body will take well to this procrdure.

It all depends on what u looking yo get done there Is dr wilberto Cortes n Houston he does excellent work n the prices are not over 10 k yet dr Wendell Perry n Florida prices are nice dr Salama in Florida also his prices are getting pricey just as dr homers on in Duluth Georgia since he was on tiny n to show he has gone up n there is dr Kenneth Hughes in Cali he had been doing good work also. These se the top drs to me that I like but look into it n check their websites. A lot of the sista's have been going to the Dominican Republic getting it fine with dr Duran n Yily they are known for giving small waist n they recommend a tummy tuck for all their patients I don't agree with it bc everybody don't need that done. Hope this is helpful n keep us posted on ur journey
I am starting my research I am determined to get this!! Anybody know of a good doctor I have been looking at the before and after photos of some practices and I'm not too pleased!
Hello! Did you decide on the surgery yet? I am also in San Antonio and considering this surgery. Which doctors have u had a consult with? Thanks
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