My Experience with TT Surgery Has Been Extremely Positive. I Am Post Op 18 Days Today. - San Antonio, TX

I think the pros certainly out way the cons with...

I think the pros certainly out way the cons with women who simply have extreme excess skin. The only con I can think of is simply going thru a major surgery and dealing with being somewhat uncomfortable. My motivation was to remove the excess skin that I deal with daily in my belly. It's just 'always there'!! Because of this excess, I have to wear larger pant sizes, so then the pant may fit over my lower abs, but the legs then look way too big for my stature. I am 5'.2". My personal goals are to enjoy my new look and contine to exercise and eat properly. The outcome so far is fabulous! I think the change will come when I am not swollen and wearing clothes that look great on me and I won't be constantly pushing my tummy to try and flatten it! My husband makes fun of me when I do that unconcientsly. I feel that I was totally prepared for the surgery and cannot think of anything I did not know beforehand.


Thanks Kimmers25.
I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the blogs on this sight before, during and now after surgery. I read many tips that I took advantage of. Here are some of mine!!

As noted, I am now 19 days post op. Each day I stand a little taller and loose a little swelling to boot! Here are some of my tips for someone about to have this surgery:
Rent an electric recliner! For at least the first week, it makes it so easy to get up and down with the remote. It literally almost 'stands you up' without you having to pull on your tummy muscles, which is very uncomfortable, not really painful, just uncomfortable. I slept in the recliner for almost 2 weeks before getting into the bed. This week I am sleeping on my sides but in middle of night changing to upright position with pillows under my knees.
A walker is a must! It makes travelling to the bathroom or kitchen better. Helps you keep your balance and feel good about walking hunched over. I also had a raised potty
chair with arms which is nice too. Its a long way to bend down to that toilet seat in the beginning. I think you could use the walker too for stability going to the toilet.
The Hospital; Here is a website my sister sent to me regarding precautions that can be taken for a planned hospital procedure to help avoid staff infection! Its worth reading!
I took Clorox wipes and a large bottle of Purell. My daughter wiped everything down in my hosp room!
Undergarments post surgery; I had gotten pretty nervous because I had heard about lots of different style of garments, went online and was totally confused as to what to order prior to the surgery! You dont need to order anything. A pair of Spanx will work just fine. This is what happened with me regarding garments:
When I left the hospital, the doctor put a white stretchy wrap around me from under breasts to top of hip. After a couple of days, my skin was getting red, it was an alergic reaction to the garment - so the office told me to wear a tee-shirt or something under the wrap, which I did and still do today! It is actually more comfortable. You will be told to bring a pair of Spanx or something like that to your followup appt. after surgery. If the doctor decides to take your drains out, they will do so and then put the Spanx on you, then place the wrap on top of the Spanx. This is great! But make sure you buy the Spanx with a pee-pee hole! In the beginning, you wont want to take all of that off each time you go to the bathroom! I was told to buy a Spanx that fit me before surgery - dont buy one that is too small because you will be swollen. I have now graduated to a Wacoal garment which is fabulous it does not have a hole, but now I am used to taking everything off.
Off to look for a few new clothes today!!! I am still swollen, but tummy is definitely much flatter!!! Going to the Texas game this weekend. Big outing!
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Welcome to RealSelf.

I am happy to hear you had such a positive experience and that you are healing so well.  I am sure you feel like a million bucks now.  

Now you will be able to enjoy all of the clothes shopping and getting dressed in the morning.  Congratulations on the new body.

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