Old Facial Scars from Chicken Pocks

I had a chicken pocks when I was 26 yo and it left...

I had a chicken pocks when I was 26 yo and it left 3 big scars on my face. I had an acne surgery to turn these depressed acne into the flat single line scars. I've done it twice. The scars still look depressed and the edges of the scars don’t want to stay together and creates the depression.

I think I should've done better research in choosing doctor- the doctors I went to were or not experienced enough for such work, or didn’t do good oversight of post-surgery healing process

Could you please recommend treatment and if you know good facial surgeon in my area (San Francisco), could you please recommend one? Thank you so much in advance, NK
I do not think that these acne scars require surgical intervention. Maybe it would be to apply the usual medical treatment or home. Some advices are at a site http://www.whshops.com


Sorry to hear about all that you've gone through with trying to get rid of your scars.

Here is a link to San Francisco facial plastic surgeons who might be able to help. They are all board-certified and hopefully you will have a better experience this time around. Good luck!

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Doctors didnt have enouth experience to work on the face/scars

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