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I've been having treatments now for a year...

I've been having treatments now for a year combined with microdermabrasion... results are phenomenal! It immediately lifted the brown spots caused by sun exposure, my skin is so smooth (pores reduced) and evenly toned along with a drastic reduction in wrinkles! I was seriously considering surgery, but now I don't have to! I've 57 but have been told that I look like I'm in my early 40's! That says it all!


I really don't feel all the cemsotic surgery stuff. I believe teenagers need to be more in tune with their abilities as opposed to their looks. In this superficial society we have kids feeling their appearance is inferior from an early age. When 15 year olds begin wanting to get bigger breasts and nose jobs . that's crazy. There was none of these scemes out back in the day and we all made it just fine. I don't believe anyone should be allowed to do this until about age 25. By that time you have an idea if the problem is life altering or if they can adapt to it and move on. Sometimes defects are devastating and sometimes it is in the mind of the person and just ain't that serious.I would have it done. The thing is I am 46. I know what I want. I know the consequences and repercussions behing having it. I am an adult. A teenager cannot think in the capacity of an adult. We know that by some of the bad decisions they make when it comes to life in general.I would have a tummy tuck because I have a pudge that I am too lazy to get rid of. Actually I need motivation. I'd consider breasts because mine are small and I believe I would have better choices of clothing and fit if I did. That would be it.I saw a woman on Oprah who have her body cut up so much she looked like a duck about the face. She had began obsessing on it and had about 235 surgeries. Imagine that. Does she even have a body left to work with. So you see altering your body is not always as glamorous as people would like to think.

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