Bruising and Swelling in One Breast 16 Days After Breast Lift W/o Implants

I had a great experience... I loved my doc. I got...

I had a great experience... I loved my doc. I got many recommendations for him. I got procedure due to sagging breasts after 2 children.

Even though one breast is still healing more than the other, I am definitely pleased with the results.

I had a breast lift w/out implants 16 days ago. At my first 24 hr post op doc said drain tube had blood clot so some fluid stayed in the breast. Horrible bruising and swelling followed. Drain tubes were removed at 4 days post op - doc noticed swelling and bruising but didnt seem alarmed. Now 16 days out left breast still very bruised (must getting better) and a lot more swollen than the right breast that has no bruising. I really dont have much more pain, just tightness anf more firm in upper pole of breast. Is this normal due to circumstances? I dont go back for another couple weeks.


Hey there, I had my breast lifted w/o implants (inverted T procedure)on May 10. I had a similar problem with my right breast.After the nurse removed my stitches a few days later my right breast kept bleeding profusely from a little opening around my nipple and a little opening beneathe my breast. I had tape around my nipples I didnt have drainers or anything. But my breast was swollen at the bottom and it was dark purple. Come to find out I developed a hematoma. I had to have the excess blood drain & squeezed out (no pain). The doctor and the nurse took out 40-45cc's of blood and blood clots. But now the swelling has gone down and my color is coming back to normal. It still drains a little but its like brownish clear fulid. The doctor said its a good sign and my breast will heal faster, like my left one. So only time will tell now.I go visit the doctor every week to check my progress.
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I see that you posted this a while back, but wanted to let you know that you can post questions directly to doctors in our Q & A section.

Has your swelling resolved and are you happy with the results?

We'd love to see before and after pictures if you have any you'd like to share!

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