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Replaced Silicone Overs with Unders - Oozing at Incision Site

I had breast augmentation replacement 4 weeks ago....

I had breast augmentation replacement 4 weeks ago. I had previous silicone implants over the muscle and I replaced them with silicone implants under the muscle.

I developed a hematoma in the left breast and had to go back to surgery within 3 days. That problem was resolved. However, I have now been taking antibiotics for 3 weeks due to oozing at the incision site of the left breast. I had a drain put in for about a week and a half and then removed. Since then, there is still some oozing but not much. I have been on Clindamycin and Levaquin for 2 weeks. There is not any redness or swelling of the breast so the physician continues to clean the incision and "wait to see" if things get better or worse because it doesn't appear to be infected.

Also, if it matters, I did have a baby this summer but only breastfed for 3 weeks. Thank you for any advice!

Doctor and I both stumped by continuous "oozing" of incision site after augmentation.
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Gurl...this time last year I experience the same thing...I had my stiches taken out and the next day experienced alot of drainage from one of my suture sights. I was not red or swollen and had no signs of infection on the outside. However my PS did not want to take any chances and we went in to a secondary surgery to be sure, and low and behold it was infected and thats why it wasnt healing and because we did not get the infection soon enough I have lived the past year waiting for my wound to heal from the insided out..I even had to go to a wound healing clinic and be placed on a wound vac. Please get help.
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Yup, follow your surgeon's instructions. Did he also provide you with any cleaning/dressing instructions? For example, did he provide you with any sterile gauze, or give you instructions for picking up a healthy supply of the stuff? Definitely pat away any excess (don't get rough with the suture; don't start scrubbing it) and put on fresh dressing, if he gives you the option to do so. Likely a topical antibiotic as well (eg, Neosporin) in liberal quantities, again if your surgeon gives you the nod to do so. Dumb question, but are you eating reasonably well? Taking a daily multivitamin? I trust that you are also a non-smoker, or at least avoiding smoking while the healing takes place...?
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Thanks for your comment. As it turns out, last week my doctor decided to open up the wound and wet/dry pack it with sterile water. I change it 3-4 times a day. I'm not sure if it's helping but I go back tomorrow to see if it can be stitched back up. No, I do not smoke and have been taking a multi-vitamin every day.
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