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I am only 5 days out but bruised so very bad. I...

I am only 5 days out but bruised so very bad. I had my lower half done from my wasit down to my knees and my stomach is tomorrow. They had me wait until the oozing quit to put on the compression garment. Finally on Sunday I got in on and took 1 hour to get on. It was so tight it hurt and burned in the areas that I was so swollen and brusied. I usually wear a size 10 so they gave me a med. compression garment. Does anyone else have the burning feeling and extreme tightness? I am thinking I should at least feel comfortable if I have to wear this for 4 weeks. Sitting down and getting up is still difficult. Where the incissions were made are still a little sore and burn but getting a little better. Now for all the bruising to go away.

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Hopefully by now you are doing well. Liposuction is definitely associated with bruising and swelling which may take some time to resolve. I trust that you selected a board certified plastic surgeon for your procedure (look here: https://www.abplsurg.org/ModDefault.aspx?section=PubFind) so you should expect a satisfying result. Another great place to research your physician is at the Utah State Plastic Surgery Society website, http://www.utahstateplasticsurgery.org/.

Best of luck.
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Welcome to RealSelf and thanks for sharing your experience. How are you feeling today?

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