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I am scheduled for a full TT with light lipo on my...

I am scheduled for a full TT with light lipo on my hips on January 3rd. I am terrified to say the least. I have been reading your reviews and have really appreciated the useful and honest info I have read. I have 2 questions I am hoping someone can answer for me. I have a wedding anniversary coming up in mid-February and my PS said that 6 weeks post surgery I should be able to go on a trip with my husband. In your experiences do you think I would be ready to travel?

Also, I have three kids and experienced mild post-partum depression with all three. I am worried that during the recovery I might experience some of that type of depression. That anticipation of depression is driving me crazy. I am honestly having a hard time stopping myself from cancelling it. I would love to have my jelly belly gone, but am scared of the impatience I might have during recovery. Thanks for any advice!

Hi! I am 16 weeks out from an Extended TT w/ Lipo (waist, abs, hips, circumferential thighs (front/sides/back) upper legs -- saddlebags) and couldn't be more thrilled with my results! I have an extremely qualifed and gifted ps. I have wanted to sit down and write my "story" so many times -- hopefully over this holiday weekend. It has turned into a novel! I think you should talk to your ps about both issues -- travel and possible depression. As for travel, I was out of my office recovering for one month. I am a Paralegal (so sit most of the day) and when I returned, even bending over/twisting and turning to pick up files from stacks on the floor, on my desk, etc. was uncomfortable and I found that I was swollen by the end of day. In fact, my ps told me to do as little twisting and turning as possible -- no picking up stacks of files. I am not sure if you are having muscle repair, but you don't want to undo this beautiful work your ps does. Also, initially, the most painful part of recovery for me was the lipo on my saddlebag areas and banana roll under the butt. I seriously couldn't sit down on the toilet without my husband helping by gently pulling me off for the first several weeks. I am a high energy person, tolerate pain okay, and with all of the work that I had done to my body, I realized real fast that it simply requires doing things slowly (walking for exercise) a bit more every day (don't just sit around all day), eating healthy, taking care of your incision (massage) and resting (let your body heal). I couldn't have gone on any type of vacation at 6 weeks out and enjoyed myself. However, everyone is different and it really depends on how much work you are having done. Again, I would trust your surgeon and take his advice. As for the depression, I had a bit of this with my first born, but not the second. This is a different ball-game in my opinion. I am sure you will be focused on recovering and with seeing the amazing results (literally each day, week and month), you will be excited, not depressed. It is an amazing journey and soooooo well worth it. I'll will try to post my story this weekend and feel free to contact me with any questions. I remember how worried I was before surgery. For some reason, the morning of my surgery, I had an overwhelming "calm" feeling and just knew that I was doing the right thing. I am certain that my ps had much to do with that -- very calming, caring, yet confident personality. He hugged me and reassured me right before my surgery -- which helped me a lot. Good luck -- you will do great and love your new body!
You will do fine! Just make sure you have your "recovery" space all set before your surgery. Have all of your household duties "preassigned" !! The survival guide posted on this site is excellent. You might want to consider getting a "high potty chair" to go over your current toilet. It's hard to sit down on a low toilet after surgery. Also a good idea to purchase stool softners and perhaps some "Miralax". YOU DO NOT WANT TO GET CONSTIPATED.
I experienced NO pain with my tummy tuck, just tightness in my lower belly, however everyone is different and it is advised to stay on top of your pain meds for the first couple of days.
I am 3 wks. post op and do not think I could travel right now, maybe I would be ready in 6 wks, don't know.Go at your own pace.
Don't let your nerves make you cancel. Just enjoy the entire experience, think of it as a journey, for yourself !!!
how exciting for you! try not to let yourself get too riled up. i am sure you didn't book this surgery on a whim. some useful things to do are just plain ol' listing the reasons you want this and reading that everytime you forget. either decision you make just make sure you know WHY you're making it and you will be happy!

Thanks everyone for the advice. I appreciate the...

Thanks everyone for the advice. I appreciate the tips! I talked to the nurse and she helped ease my nerves....unfortunately, I have a chest cold with a bad cough (so does husband and child), and my surgery was postponed. I guess coughing fits with an incision and sore stomach muscles would not be fun. I will let you know when I get a new date. If everyone is well I might try for the first of February. Thanks again!

Rats, sorry to hear about your delay.

Jamic, after reading through your questions, I think you're getting good advice, particularly about speaking directly with your plastic surgeon. Hopefully your surgery is with a board certified plastic surgeon (look here: https://www.abplsurg.org/ModDefault.aspx?section=PubFind )who is experienced in body contouring. If so, you'll be able to rest easy that you are getting reliable information that you can base your travel plans on.

Good luck and quick recovery.

Brian K. Brzowski, MD, FACS
Ogden, UT

That is very disappointing but you need to be healthy.  You do not want to have a bad cough after surgery because it would be far to painful. 
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