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My husband & I are having surgery on 7/29, He is...

My husband & I are having surgery on 7/29, He is having a sleeve & I'm having a Roux-en-Y because of other issues. Yesterday we started our 2 week liquid diet, so far it's not so bad but not so great too. I'm so scared for recovery & life after surgery but I am strong & can do this but I'm still scared.
Glad it worked out for you both, I've lost from 259 down to 116 in two years. But I've had to have the gastric bypass done twice because of blockage. Still can't eat well have lots of energy but that's about it. Stay depressed most of the time, we become a new person all togehter.
My husband and I both had gastric sleeve surgery. The insurance battle took longer for me than it did for him. He had his done 12/26/12 and is down 125 lbs. I had mine 4/17/13, just 3 months ago and I am down 57 lbs. It was a scary change, but totally worth it and we both feel great!

Jodie72. Congrats on your kick-off! You have to get your husband to share his story too so we can watch you two shrink together. It is so scary, but you have an amazing community here to support you. What an amazing experience to go through with your loved one. Please keep us updated and upload some before's if you are comfortable. Yipee for you!

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