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I want my face to appear skinnier and tighter. Im...

I want my face to appear skinnier and tighter. Im looking into cheekbone reduction as well and rhinoplasty. Im sick of being weighed down by how chunky my face appears. I seriously cant look anyone in the eyes because i feel like they analyze the way i look and i know people tell me im beautiful or whatever but just because people see me that way doesnt mean i see myself that way.


Welcome to RealSelf!

I think you look a lot like Demi Lovato, actually, but how you feel about yourself is definitely the most important. :)

I hope you find support in the community. Please drop me a PM if you have any questions or need help finding your way around the site.
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You really think i look like her? I think she is ugly ... This is an insult no offense.
Sorry, it was not meant in that way. I think she is pretty. Difference of opinion and no offense meant by it. :)
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