5'3 105 Lbs Needs Help on Deciding What Implant Cc Size and Profile to Get! - Salt Lake City, UT

I am 5'3" 105lbs and I went and had my...

I am 5'3" 105lbs and I went and had my consultation the other day before doing a lot of research. The PS told me 300 cc size moderate plus silicone would be best for me... I was very happy with my decision until I started doing research about girls my size getting them. All said they wish they would have gone bigger and got HP in stead.. I decided to go with 350cc and HPs? Help anyone? I dont want cone shaped breasts but I like the more rounder look. I have a small B right now and a want a large C small D.

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Researched a lot about him before choosing him because he was rated the best and I liked him a lot.

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I am scheduled for BA on 11/1 and am getting HP 450cc silicone under the muscle. I have had four children and am 5' and 105 lbs, so small frame too. My PS said that that size would still give me size ( full C) and will eventually drop to appear more "natural" looking and feel more natural. I don't have much breast tissue so I don't think 450cc will be as big on me than others. I tried on the sizers and they did not look too huge, though it was still hard to get used too seeing myself with boobs! Good luck!
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I'm slender like you as well. I'm 5'5 and around 113 lbs (maybe more since the cold weather has me packing on several more pounds, lol). I wanted to initially go with 350cc. But like you, I have heard so many stories about girls regretting their decision of not having gone bigger. That is why I am planning to go to 375cc now.

When I tried the 375cc sizers on in the doctor's office, I freaked out. My chest area looked so ENORMOUS! But my girl friend (who has had her boobs done this past April) reminded me that once the swelling goes down after the surgery, your breast size will decrease in size (maybe around 25% or more?). So that is why I chose to go 25cc bigger to make up for that difference.
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It's tough choosing a size, you have to balance what your surgeon recommends with what YOUR gut tells you to do. Here's what some doctors say about choosing the right size for you.

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