So NOT Worth It! Wish I Would Have Loved Me for Me :(

This is the worst thing I have ever done to my...

This is the worst thing I have ever done to my body. I regret every thing. I had my inner and outer thighs, knees, banana roll, and flanks done. If I could go back pre surgery I would.

I am in so much pain and have drained everyday with some sort of fluid. The Doctor said I could go back to work that Monday, had the surgery on a Thursday, and to be honest I have had to take the past 2 weeks off. I can't even walk. The swelling, lumps, hardness, unevenness, and legs that look like tree trunks as well as some sort of a rope that has been twisted together is awful. I have not been able to get any answers from anyone not even my Doctor.

It started off as me hating the way I looked and thought spot reduction in a few areas would be the right choice. I worked out in the gym 6 days a week, 2 hours a day, and have had a nutritionist for a year. I hate the way I look even more. Wish I would have loved myself from the get go and been grateful for the body that I had. Biggest mistake ever.

I am sorry for what happened to you, it sounds terrible! What doctor was this? I am doing research on this and would like to know.
I'm so sorry for you.... I really hope that things are improving. I can relate to the extended pain in the thighs (read my posts). I had mine done on a Thursday and did go back to work on Monday, but with MUCH MUCH pain and difficulty walking along with a LOT of pain getting into and out of my SUV. I have the benefit of feeling that things are going to look better than before. I could not imagine going through all of this and not liking the results so I feel very much for you. Try to wait it out for a while. The results do get better over time, but you may not have had a good doctor. Especially if he is not answering your questions. I personally would demand answers. I hope things get better for you.

I'm so sorry it didn't go well for you. :( Are you feeling any better now pain-wise or have you been back to see your doc?

*Thinking happy thoughts for you*

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