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LASIK in 2001 - Salt Lake City, UT

My brother had it in South Africa in the 90s when...

My brother had it in South Africa in the 90s when it was very new. He gave rave reviews and now so do I even 10 years later. I was in my 40s so they recommended the monovision, where they under-correct one eye so you can do without reading glasses a few more years. The nurses told me I would hate the monovision for one month and then would love it for years. They said I needed to ignore the temptation to go back to them in a few weeks complaining I could not stand it and correct both eyes.

Yes, the monovision was strange for a month. Then I had no need for reading glasses at all until after 55 y/o. Even now at 58 y/o I can read most print. I have power 1.00 reading glasses, the lowest I can find, for reading fine print.

I'm in Utah as well. Where did you go to get your lasik done?


Thanks for sharing your story, Sharpasatack. I'd never heard of monovision Lasik before I read your review. Do you know if this is common?

I'm looking into Lasik for myself but I'm nearsighted so I'm not sure if monovision would even apply to me.

Yes, I was nearsighted too. I recall I was at about 3.50 in both eyes. I think it is your age that is impoortant whether you ask for it or not. My son had LASIK a few weeks ago and he reports he is loving it. He asked his doc about monovision, but he is only 25 and they told him it does not make sense for young people because they are so far away from needing reading glasses. (or something to that effect) I am not an authority on monovision, but it sure worked for me.
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